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The Organic Tulip Company

Welcome to The Organic Tulip Company

Live a healthy life every day with help from The Organic Tulip Company. Natural Health & Wellness is our goal, so we create organic products like essential oils and use herbs & botanicals to provide holistic alternatives for your every need.

A balance of herbs, spices, and  essential oils are combined to produce chemical-free, non-toxic health supplements & alternative remedies who would like to live a more natural and organic life. Herbs and spices have been used to promote healing and health since the birth of time and we have crafted the very core of those powers in our products. Your emotional balance is just as important to us as your physical well being that is why we offer ethically sourced crystals, minerals, resins, smudging's and other items that will help uplift you spiritually.

In addition to handcrafted and handmade holistic alternatives, we carry a line of 100% organic THC-Free CBD Oils / products. In recent years, CBD research has proven its wide range of uses for everyday life.