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The Organic Tulip Company

About the Company

Ready to start the natural and holistic lifestyle ? Let me tell you how I got started. 

        The Organic Tulip Company started with my very dear friend, Aenoy who was diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer. She believed very much in holistic and alternatives to traditional medicine.  Aenoy was a an amazing friend, sister, wife, mother, teacher, she was a fighter, a Veteran in the Army, and a Warrior. After her passing, I wanted to pay tribute & honor to her beautiful life and since Tulips were her favorite flower, The Organic Tulip Company was born. I have developed products that give people an alternative to the harsh chemicals that are in practically everything used today. 

         In addition to homemade, holistic and alternative remedies I also carry a several lines of high-quality CBD products that can help relieve the symptoms of many diseases and common ailments, including pain and inflammation. If you don't know much about CBD continue browsing the website or contact me directly to learn more about the benefits of using CBD products.

         You can count on me to customize effective products. I have more than 15 years combined experience in the wellness and beauty industry. If you have any questions concerns or comments I would love to hear from you! 

Thank you, 


Aenoy Sisopha Miranda